After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, I think I’ve figured out why people like seeing superhero movies so much. I never really understood it, I’ve seen barely any (this may have been the first??) because it always seemed like too much action and too much CGI and not enough depth and characterization and whatnot. I don’t know if Guardians of the Galaxy was just different, or if I’ve been missing out, but there was definitely some great characterization, great lines (the whole Footloose thing was great), and holy crap CGI can be super awesome. Also Groot <3 and we can’t forget about Chris Pratt (seriously, though, he’s an adorable dork AND he’s hot). 

That’s kind of beside the point. The writer in me spent the action-y parts of the movie that stressed me out thinking about the idea of a superhero. And why people seem to love characters like that so much. And it’s probably the same reason we like any protagonist who fights against something that is holding them, their family/friends, or society back. Because here is this person, who is seemingly an average human being, who uses something they’re good at to make things “right” or at least a little better in the world. Someone who is likable, who usually has good intentions, going out there and risking themselves because they see a better future. I think that speaks to all of us. And to me, it’s inspiring to see a superhero character. I think about all that person has accomplished (keep in mind I’ve expanded the definition of superhero, from Peter Quill/Starlord to Rocket to the protagonist of any book or movie) because they cared about what they were doing. I like people like that. Protective and caring people who want to take care of the people in their lives, whether that be their family, their friends, or society in general. It’s also just appealing to see powerful people who use that power for good. It’s also just kind of cool to see characters and people you like succeed while being total badasses. Cause who doesn’t ever dream of being a badass and fighting crime/bad people/etc.? (We all know I do.) 

Long story short, it was a great movie, I love Chris Pratt, Superheroes are awesome and I understand society’s love of them, and I’ve secretly always wished I could be more of a badass. 

Every beginning is better than no beginning. We all need to start somewhere; the smallest steps always lead to the bigger and biggest achievements in life. We may have a relapse or moments when we think we cannot go on, but those trying moments are the most crucial in helping us realize that we had the strength all along. Believe in yourself.

Joanna Strafford

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